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Concerned Citizen 101 Weighs In On UNA Rape Case

We've heard previously from Concerned Citizen 101; now CC101 has some very interesting comments on the Jane Doe/David Dickerson rape case:

It's been awhile since I posted. However, after seeing the latest legal developments at the University of North Alabama (UNA) and the Top Administration's reactions, it's time. While I'm very proud of the community and especially the students and alumni outrage at the very angry, aggressive and borderline bullying statement that UNA recently made concerning the more recent lawsuit filed by Jane Doe. I'm also happy to hear that the students have taken the initiative to plan a peaceful protest on the first day of class which is August 23rd. However, I'm simply disgusted at UNA's position. This statement shows that this President and several members of his EC will do anything to protect its precious reputation. Even cover up mistakes and very illegal activities.

Let's not forget UNA has yet another lawsuit that I told you about much earlier and was finally reported on the front page of the Times Daily on August 4th.

If that wasn't enough, remember my previous blogs listing several others since 2013. And if that wasn't enough. I've been informed that there other EEOC charge notifications filed by employees as well as other possible lawsuits filed by students that Kitts has received that will probably show questionable practices by HR and/or everyone's favorite Vice President, Mr. David Shields and staff that reports to him. And let's get that cleared up. David Shields does not have his doctorate. He's a Mr. Shields, not Dr. Shields.

David P. Shields Jr.
Everyone on social media sites and even on this site are asking the obvious questions. However, the more important question that every taxpayer as well as every parent and student who has paid/will pay tuition to UNA should ask is where is the Board of Trustees (BOT). The BOT is placed at UNA by the Governor of the State. Their sole purpose is the governing control of UNA. While the BOT cannot overstep their bounds and get involved in the day to day activities of the University, as the fiduciary the BOT can and should step in when there are legal matters.

That means unless Kitts and the rest of his Administration have been lying and withholding information from the BOT (which at this point would not surprise me) then the BOT has been aware of these two lawsuits that have made been public, as well as all the other EEOC/OCR charge complaints as well as the all other Federal Lawsuits that UNA has received over the last few years that haven't been made public. And let's get that straight. Just because it didn't make the news doesn't mean there aren't others. I'm just glad these were reported to finally shed a light on what's been going on at UNA for years and both of these cases show just how deep the corruption and cover up is at UNA.

Back to my point. If the BOT has been made aware of these cases then what's their position? Okay one happens. But allegations of this magnitude and involving Presidents, Vice Presidents, head of HR and audio recordings, pictures and videos? Read the actual lawsuits. And in the lawsuit involving Audrey Mitchell v UNA, the audios and video have been filed with Federal Judge. So no question they exist. (Side note...I hear copies of these recordings exist in other places. If you have access or know who does, let me know. I know Ms. Mitchell does but I don't want to approach her especially since I plan to post these recordings publicly.)

Back to my point. Then the Friday, August 11th published statement that Kitts approved to be posted on the official UNA website. What the heck is the BOT doing as the governing body?!!!! Does Marty Abroms, Joel Anderson, Steve Pierce, Libby Jordan and the rest of the BOT condone these activities? Are their heads buried in the sand? Are they just taking the word of HR, Kitts and David Shields who are named in these lawsuits and complaints? Seriously, does the BOT condone these activities and are they in support of this statement against Jane Doe? Heck Marcus Maples who is a fairly new BOT member is a practicing Attorney. Is this how these BOT members live their personal lives and conduct their personal business and careers?

I think it's past time for the BOT to "govern" and to bring in an outside company to conduct an unbiased investigation into the activities of HR, cases in Student Conduct and Title IX, Mr. Shields, President Kitts, retired President William Cale and Past Interim President John Thornell's activities to start. I have a feeling these will lead to many, many more.

And that brings me to my actual point. Maybe that's why the BOT is so quiet. Fear that things at UNA from Kitts down are truly out of control and an investigation would reveal years and years of questionable practices, lack of internal/operational controls and outright illegal activities that they would now be liable to address. It would also reveal to the Governor that this group of BOT members have not been conducting the business of the State and living up to their sworn duties for years. So instead they help Kitts and the past president and administration cover up and play politics. According to one of the documents filed in the Mitchell v UNA lawsuit there's an audio where past Vice President Clinton Carter told Ms. Mitchell that she better learn how to play politics as he threatens her about filing complaints. I'm sure everyone recognizes that name. In case you don't read this.

Somebody pleeeaasssseee get me a copy of these recordings.

It's time out for politics and trying to protect yourself. BOT. It's time to admit you've made mistakes and been too complacent. It's time to step in and take the bull by the horns, get to the root of the problem at UNA and let the chips fall where they may. Meaning start handing out termination letters if the evidence shows these allegations in these two lawsuits are true as well as all the other EEOC/OCR complaints and lawsuits that have not been made public. It's also time to publicly apologize to those whose rights have been violated, step up and make things right instead of continuing to waste taxpayers and student tuition dollars on high price law firms who try to bully and threaten the complainant when you know the allegations are true.

I'm asking the constituents who have a vested interest in UNA and human decency to start calling the BOT members and asking for answers and demanding a change in the current culture at UNA. University of North Alabama Board of Trustees members, my attention is set on each of you. It's crystal clear that Kitts' judgment is way off. I'm watching and waiting to see who you really are. Your next moves within the next few days will be very crucial to the tone and direction of UNA's future as well as your own.

Let's get UNA back on track.

Concerned Citizen 101


A protest against Kenneth Kitts and David Shields? Will the TD cover it? Let's wait and see. Also, several readers have written to inform that David Shields does not have a doctorate, but will often allow others to believe he does. The board? It hasn't been that long ago that Mr. Sam Pendleton sought to have the entire board replaced.

There are many who seek to obliterate names of those who fought on the losing side of the War of the Secession; however, the name "Stonewall" is coming to mind more and more...

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