Sunday, August 6, 2017

Return to Inspiration Landing/"You're Banned!"

When was there last official word from Inspiration Landing's John Elkington? From what we can ascertain, the last positive word came in April. Is that unusual? 

In the Shoals, where projects are often lost in the Northwest Alabama Triangle, it's not unusual at all. It would reassure everyone concerned, and that should be all caring local residents, if Sheffield city council members would at least mention they have regular communication with Elkington. It would take only a few seconds during city council meetings, and area residents would then know at least that the mega real estate deal was still on a reasonable schedule.


Over the years, we've banned several readers due to their vulgar comments on our Facebook page. In case you missed some recent events where a group (including one proved liar and one unrepentant career criminal) attacked a link we posted, it wasn't pretty. We ultimately banned two individuals. In hind sight, we should not even stoop to attempt to reason with the dregs of society who seem to think a computer keyboard makes them both literate and socially acceptable.

Therefore, we've pinned our banishment policy at the top of our FB page. Break it once and you're gone. No second chances.  


Have you been "accused" of blogging here? Let us hear. Two unfortunate local writers were accused last week, one we had never even heard of. More on this later... 


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