Thursday, August 10, 2017

Luther Strange: Mr. Corruption Himself?

Randy Binson, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, has dubbed his opponent "Mr. Corruption." Others simply see Luther Strange as tainted by accepting former Governor Bentley's appointment to replace Jeff Sessions.

Strange has never been the most popular of candidates. When he ran for the office of lieutenant governor in 2006, one opponent asked first for the public's vote and second, barring that, that they vote for anyone but Big Luther.

State Auditor Jim Zeigler has often lambasted Strange. Carl Rove has often praised him. 

We're asking voters to do their own research. As for us? We find him preferable to Roy Moore, but just barely. He may have been called the "Big Bunny" in college, but we find him to be the big enigma.


What would we have done if offered the office of senator by Gov. Bentley? It would certainly have been a great temptation to have accepted, but we would hope that we would have declined under the circumstances.

What would you have done?


A reader has sent us some pithy comments on Roy Moore:

There is one thing that Roy Moore has done. By continually ineptly pushing his losing battles into the federal courts he has established a lot of legal precedents that makes it much easier for someone who is against religion in general and Christianity in particular in public life to win their battles in court. Before Roy Moore started seeking the spotlight anyone anywhere could probably display the ten commandments, for example, and not hear a peep from the courts. 
There's an old joke about how the bootleggers were the biggest supporters of prohibition candidates. Maybe atheists who want all religion removed from public life should support Roy Moore because he's done more to ultimately remove religion from public life than anyone I can name in recent memory.


That basically leaves Mo. To be continued... 

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