Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Just Say "No" to Roy Moore

Do you know what Roy Moore really stands for? It's easy to say we follow God and then go completely against His teachings. Don't let Roy Moore con you into hating your fellowman and giving him a place in Washington government.

Roy Moore: Making Hitler Look Good Since 1980

Roy Moore says: Rights come from God, not government. Is he correct? Can you own an operable machine gun in the U.S.? The answer is yes under certain conditions. Can you own an operable machine gun in Australia? The answer is no under any conditions. Has Australia taken away a right that God gave us? How about having your moggy declawed? It's legal in the U.S., but illegal to have your cat declawed in the U.K. How about that right? Hint: Cats aren't even mentioned in the Bible, much less declawing.

No, all rights are not given us by God. The government makes the laws and is sanctioned as one of the three institutions God ordained. Apparently Roy Moore's J.D. doesn't keep him from making inane statements.

From an earlier blog:

1. He called the state's first case of mad cow disease a plot to help pass an animal identification system.
2. He told his replacement Chief Justice Gorman Houston that he was going to hell.
3. He placed a granite monument depicting the Ten Commandments inside the state judicial building...complete with the wording "c. Roy Moore." (We're pretty sure God doesn't like plagiarism.)
4. He said in 2005 that homosexuality shouldn't be tolerated in Alabama. (We're not weighing in on the right or wrong of that particular orientation. We just want to be sure Moore doesn't decide to not tolerate them with gas chambers.)
Do you want Roy Moore in Washington? Does he have anything to recommend him to the general public? Well, maybe that he makes Luther Strange look good. We'll be addressing Big Luther next.

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