Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The "Logic" of Youth/Updates

We had two very interesting online encounters with teenage girls today. One wanted us to embarrass her mother (why she thought this was in our repertoire, we don't know), and the second informed us because her late friend was joking in her social media bio and we repeated her comment as truth, we were lying...as we always did. Did any of that last statement make sense to anyone with either an age or IQ over 18?

We've said this before, but it bears repeating: Whatever you have posted on FB will remain after your death. Oh, sure, you're not planning on dying anytime soon, but you have to admit that it is a possibility. You may be the most moral person in the world, but those who read your online bio 20 years down the road and see that you listed your occupation as "whore" or "numbers runner" just might believe that about you. Is that how you want to be remembered? 


Jacob D. Modas? The 21 year-old's booking entry from 7/25 may read alias/bench warrant, but according to AlaCourt, that's not the case. These records confirm:

* Jacob Modas was arrested July 25 on two counts of 3rd degree assault in relation to this case.

* The case was investigated by the Rogersville Police Department and Modas was arrested by the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office (who may have helped in the investigation).

* The case is being heard in Lauderdale County District Court.

If any other charges are later added, we will post the information. The current charges are misdemeanors.


"The park is the pits." David Bradley on Veterans Park. Ah, at last a council member who tells it like it is.

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