Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lauderdale County School Board: "Probably Just a Coincidence"

From a reader:

Just a quick update on the Lauderdale County School Board issue last spring...

If you remember, a parent asked a principal and the superintendent to adhere to the Parent-Student Handbook 2016-2017.  They refused to do so and the superintendent even stated that he refused to answer any questions about policy.

The 1st update is that the policy at issue has now been changed and the 2017-2018 update has a stronger disciplinary action for the infraction.  I find that interesting.  If they wanted harsher consequences for the infraction they should have changed the policy PRIOR to changing the disciplinary action.

The 2nd update is that the new Parent/Student Handbook Acknowledgment signature page included in the 2017-2018 Parent-Student Handbook DOES NOT contain the line: "an awareness and agreement to follow all local school policies."  (**The Acknowledgment form in the School Mint Online Registration system DOES contain the line.  Parents, be careful!)

If you will remember, at that time the parent advised not to sign the Acknowledgment Form agreeing to follow policies until or unless the Board agreed to do the same.  Interesting that the line has now been deleted.  Of course it may just be a coincidence.  Or it might be that the parent wrote the following excerpts to the superintendent on 2/23/2017:

“I have consistently asked you to follow the PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK 2016-2017 or produce policy which supersedes the handbook and you have consistently refused to do so.  I have followed your policy explicitly...please be advised that neither I nor my children will sign the...ACKNOWLEDGMENT form in the future until or unless the...statements include an agreement of the Lauderdale County Board of Education system to do the same...
Any attempt to coerce my children into signing this agreement will result in the lawsuit you and your attorney are so fearful of.  As you know, the law only requires that students, parents, guardians, or custodians “read the plan and sign a statement verifying that they have been given notice of the discipline policies” (Act 94-784(e)(1))...be advised for your future dealings with parents and students that your civil liability immunity is limited to “any action carried out in conformity with state law and system or school rules regarding the control, discipline, suspension, and expulsion of students” (Act 94-784(f)(3)(g)).
I will forward a copy of the documentation I have gathered along with your verbal responses to the appropriate authorities for their review...has certainly brought cause for concern regarding underlying reasons for dishonesty.”

The last update is that information came to light in the parent’s investigation which caused the parent to report concerns to the Alabama Department of Education as well as the Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts.  On July 5, 2017 the Lauderdale County School Finance Chief was put on administrative leave and then resigned after 19 years of service.  Probably just a coincidence.


Many adages present unimpeachable truth. What does the above account bring to mind?

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! 

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