Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What Now for Veterans Park?

Veterans Park sits virtually unattended, as it has for years. No one knows where to do improvements since no one knows where the promised attraction will be. Perhaps most importantly, no one knows what these unknown improvements will cost.

Is there an answer, other than quickly finding that elusive attraction? Perhaps redoing the contract that calls for the attraction since apparently it's not needed. Also, it would seem no one knew the attraction couldn't be commercial in nature when the city entered into the contract, and that could be a factor in revamping the agreement.

Veterans and the citizens of Florence deserve better.


Supporters of Jacob Modas were out in force, as these kind of people usually are when a totally innocent thug is arrested. One even suggested the elderly female victim deserved it. And we wonder why the jails are full.

Two comments about our blog stand out - one sad and one hilarious. The sad one? 

(Paraphrasing) They even were horrible enough to blog about me when I had my accident just because I killed my niece. 

The absolutely hilarious one?

Shoalanda is just as dum as her blog.

Up next: A blog on why we need more special education classes in the state.


  1. On this topic of Veteran's Park...what ever happened to that billion-dollar amusement park over across the river?

    1. The only definite things we know are that Bryan Robinson had some civil lawsuits against him for other dealings in Florence and that Rick Silanskas was entertaining on a casio boat in Florida as of last month. There is a RUMOR that the feds were after all of them, but we've not been able to confirm any of that. We're not even sure where the suit would originate if it does happen. Texas? We appreciate any info our readers send us.