Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nothing Wrong with an Attractive Sow's Ear

There's nothing wrong with wanting to do better and be better. There is something wrong with failing to comprehend or admit one's limitations. The 450#, 78 year-old ballet dancer isn't going to perform Swan Lake for the president. Neither is the Shoals going to be New York City...nor should it want to be.

Many boats have already sailed in the success regatta. In fact, they sailed so long ago that the winner, usually Decatur, has already retired many of them. Things are tough all over.

We see people laugh when a new business is announced which employs only 50 workers, but should they? Announce one new business a week and see what that adds up to. It won't make up for the loss of International Paper or (the mythical) National Rail Car, but it's a start.


We love to read of increased enrollment at UNA and of all the activity on campus, but somehow committing crimes or dumping crime victims doesn't seem to be one we should be proud of--yet it happens pretty often:


Maybe it's time to take a hiatus from recruiting new industry, students, etc., to check on nurturing and keeping what we already have?


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