Thursday, December 5, 2013

It Is 2013, Isn't It?

From a reader:
I just saw your post on the Tuskegee request, I know why this was requested. I sat on the visitor side for the game with my son, the racial slurs to both us and the people of Florence became so bad we left the game at halftime. I reported this to the police and we were told we were sitting in the wrong place. This is 2013 isn't it? It was our fault so I guess we were fair game to be called names unprovoked. I then told the officers if I had been saying those thing I would be escorted out, he only responded to tell me to sit on the other side… yes segregation does exist today, only reversed it seems.

It's a sad commentary on our society no matter which side spews the racism.


Another reader on yesterday's post:

When I saw the post I assumed from the way it was written that applications for the job were just a formality. 

Really? Who woulda thunk it? The things we learn from our readers...


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