Friday, December 27, 2013

How Close Are You to Being a Suspect?

The man quickly withdrew twenty dollars from a local ATM and drove home, not even looking at his receipt. As he was about to toss the small piece of paper in the trash, he noticed the balance read $400.00. The Florence man had just been paid; his checking balance should have been almost $3,000.00; had his account been hacked?

As he was about to call the bank, hoping that customer service was still open, he noticed the account number--it wasn't even his. Upon contacting the bank, he was told the ATM was out of sync--it was giving each customer the previous customer's receipt. The man breathed a sigh of relief.

Now one of our contacts at the Florence Police tells us a similar thing has happened in an investigation of a theft. In other words, the photograph the authorities hoped to retrieve was actually that of another banking customer. Obviously, it happens.

We were not told the name of the bank or the location of this error, but it could have been anywhere in the Shoals. It could have been our pictures...or yours. How does a banking institution make this up to a customer? We sincerely want to know.


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