Monday, December 30, 2013

The NSA in Florence: An Urban Myth?

We love urban myths. At least we used to before they became so know, FEMA is building big mouse traps for all Caucasians who speak English. No, the old fashioned urban myths are extremely interesting, and many were built on truths, while still others were created to be told around camp fires at night.

Is the NSA listening to us as we speak into those plastic rectangles we constantly carry? Are they monitoring this blog as we write it? Could be, but since we aren't plotting to overthrow the U.S. government, we're not too concerned. Still some things are more interesting than others.

A friend recently told us of a story her friend told her--so you know it has to be true. It seems that the SunTrust Bank building in Florence rents part of its top floor to the National Security Agency which uses it to monitor local comings and goings as well as communications. Yes, really, according to this local urban legend.

We looked at the SunTrust building a few days ago. It does have several antennae located atop the roof. We're sure most of them have logical reasons for being there. The building does overlook much of downtown Florence and Sheffield, but that's what precipitated the rumor to start with, isn't it?

So how about it? Anyone have any info to support or debunk this rumor?


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  1. I did notice the SunTrust building while driving north across O'Neal Bridge coming into Florence, with all the antennae and NO Christmas Tree, as was the case for many years after it was built.

    Rather than concern that NSA might be renting the top floor, I was saddened by the fact that it give the impression that, like so much of our country, we're in a state of decline, as opposed to so much of our history since the late 1800s. Guess I'm just feeling depressed that Obama seems to be making good on his promise to "fundamentally change America".