Monday, December 16, 2013

Would Muscle Shoals Walmart Lie?

Quick, everyone, what does O.B. hate more than Auburn? If you said Walmart, you're obviously a regular reader of OB's Corner. It seems our local Muscle Shoals WallyWorld has ticked some customers off. Yes, we were as shocked as you.

From J. Redmon:

As reported to me, WallyWorld 'sold' 32-inch LED HD TVs on 'Black Thursday' for $98/each. Naturally, they ran out before all customers were able to purchase one. So...WallyWorld 'sold' them the TVs, via a sort of 'rain check' deal, wherein the customers still desiring one of the $98 flat screen TVs could PAY IN ADVANCE, and the TV was guaranteed to be delivered to the local WallyWorld in time for Christmas. SURPRISE!  When customers that paid for TVs showed up at the Muscle Shoals WallyWorld this past weekend to claim the TVs that they had paid for, WallyWorld failed to deliver, instead offering the customers 'in-store gift cards'.  As reported to me, customers were not offered cash refunds.

Anyone else out there have a similar problem? BTW, if you really want the best deals, try Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots first.


It seems the Grace Episcopal Church in Sheffield has been declared a public nuisance. Let's hope the committee to save the 110 year old building will have the public support it needs. You don't have to live in Sheffield to support its restoration. We'll have more on this later.


How about Florence nuisances? We hear the city building code enforcer has told a certain rental company to bring all its properties up to snuff or tear them down. Slum landlords? Yes, even in the Shoals.


Coming Thursday: Christmas history repeats itself in Lauderdale County. (Don't think "Merry," because it won't be.)


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