Sunday, December 15, 2013

Got a Light?

The Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center may soon begin to sell electronic cigarettes. One rationale for the sale of these e-cigs is said to be inmates destroying electrical wall outlets when trying to light contraband smokes.

We don't doubt that's true; however, cigarettes are not the only contraband to be found in jails. Cell phones are also widely smuggled into such facilities. Cell phones also need to be charged--something done via wall outlets or light sockets. No, simply cutting down, or even out, the contraband smokes won't solve the problem of destruction of jail property.

How does contraband enter the detention center and other jails? The Lauderdale jail has visitation via telecommunicatons, so we can rule that out as a conduit. Some inmates work outside the jail or are ferried to various courts. We're not sure how much supervision these inmates have during these excursions, but we would imagine quite a bit.

You don't think any of these deputies/jailers are bringing in any contraband to supplement their incomes, do you? (In case you're wondering, that comment was directed to south of the river.)


We understand the Lauderdale Detention Center may be getting some high profile residents fairly soon. Stay tuned...


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