Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's 1950, and...

* The local university is rampant with crime against women.

* A local pol has just used his influence to secure a job for a family member.

* Florence has lost a fantastic opportunity to a larger city.

* Colbert and Lauderdale Counties are at each other's throats.

* Many local cities are turning their backs on the animal problem.

* Locals are moving north to find good jobs.

No, wait. That may have been 1950, but it's still true in 2013. The more things change...?


We've received many comments on the local ambulance wars over the past months. We've saved all that has been forwarded to us and plan to do at least one blog on what's wrong...and right...with local ambulance service. We welcome reader input on this and all issues.


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