Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Comments on Chief Tony Logan

Comments on Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan seemed to be running 3:1 in support of the former Florence officer, but that was hardly surprising. Individuals will usually post a comment to refute an opinion much more often than to support it.

The one thing missing from most comments? Logic. No, Logan is not a private person due to his salary being paid by the taxpayers of Tuscumbia. Nor would Logan be off limits if he worked in the private sector--he's currently the defendant in a criminal case. The original case may be old, but it is Logan himself who has prolonged it all these years.

Have any of us here ever met Logan? We can't speak for other team bloggers, but Shoalanda herself has never met him.We do know he's taking up valuable Lauderdale County tax dollars by continuing to appeal his Florence DUI conviction on a legal technicality.

We're at a little loss as to why someone who believes in following rules has low self esteem. We're going to put that comment in the same file as those which inform us an 11 year-old girl seduced her rapist. Narcissism should never be mistaken for self-esteem.


Is a police chief ever above the law? Hmmmm. Perhaps we should ask former Florence Chief Rick Thompson.


We have an interesting addendum to our list of cremains locations. One friend thinks Matthew Fox's remains should be scattered at Arx Mortis where he stored the tools he used to dismember Amanda Taylor.


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