Thursday, December 19, 2013

Joel Moyers Gets an Early Christmas Present

Joel Moyers, the Limestone County man accused of murdering Brandon Hydrick, has received an early Christmas gift--bail. Moyers has been granted bail by an Alabama appeals court and quickly bonded out of the Limestone County Jail. The decision to grant Moyers bail has produced some inflammatory comments from the Hydrick camp. Just FYI, it might not be a good idea to call the prosecutor and judge "f***ing idiots." The state's case is extremely weak, and we have previously predicted a manslaughter verdict as the most fitting.

Another word to the wise for the Hydrick family concerns the advisability of posting pics of the deceased drinking from "turkey feather beer bottles." We're sure Moyers' defense team will be using the autopsy toxicology report to cast doubts on Hydrick's innocence in the whole unfortunate chain of events.

We never advocate suicide for anyone and hope that Mr. Moyers has received psychological help since his earlier attempt. It simply doesn't make any friends for Hydrick supporters when they post comments concerning the possibility of Moyers being able to escape vengeance for Brandon's death. We're pretty positive the permanent results of suicide rank just a little above a prison sentence. We're also pretty sure vengeance and justice are two different things.


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