Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tourist Wars?

Lodging tax is what most of us would call big money. Now there seems to be some dissension as to what entity will control this money in Florence-Lauderdale. As it stands now, all funds go back to the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board to use as they see fit. If Mayor Mickey Haddock and others get their way, the money will soon be controlled by the city/county where the revenue was generated.

It would seem one motivator for this change is the possibility that Lauderdale tourism will merge with the enemy--Colbert County. There are certainly pros and cons to both sides, and we don't have enough information as yet to have a concrete opinion.

We do opine that the Florence City Council members already have a great deal of influence on local tourism and the arts/museum facet of city government. Insert "Coming Attractions" reel here...


Isn't it interesting that Sandra Killen-Burroughs is the only member of the tourism board to have actual experience in the wonderful world of tourism? (Sandra is no longer a board member by her own choice.) It's our opinion that members of any board should have at least some present or past ties to the entities the board controls.


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