Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chief Logan, It's Not All About You

If you know the saga of Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan, you know he was once a deputy chief in Florence. He lost that job presumably because of some bad choices. These choices didn't bring Logan any ill gotten gain or harm any ex-girlfriends; they were just to help friends, but they were still unethical, and he paid the price. Anyone wonder why someone of his intelligence made those choices?

Anyone wonder why he continues to fight a DUI conviction that he without a doubt deserved? How many thousands of dollars has Logan spent in order to prove he's above the law, and why does he think he's special?

Some months ago a person whose veracity is beyond question told us of attending a funeral visitation at which Logan was present. Many in attendance related fond memories of the dear departed, but Logan's tales all revolved around himself.

Now we have the investigation into the murder of Brioni Rutland. Chief Logan stated it was the "craziest three days of my life." We have news for Logan; the three days were hardly any better for Rutland's family and friends. So why is it always about Logan?

More importantly, what does that bode for Tuscumbia? Narcissists come in all socio-cognitve groups, but one in power just might be one to watch rather than to laugh at.



  1. A little consideration would be nice! You ALWAYS spout off about other's pasts. what skeletons would be yanked out of your closet if your past was revealed?

    1. Mr. Logan's DUI case is currently in the state's judicial system. In other words, you and I and every other Alabama citizen has brought suit against him, and it remains ongoing. He is also a public servant of the citizens of Tuscumbia, making him a public figure. The latter is Mr. Logan's choosing. If he transferred his employ to the private sector, such problems in past jobs would no longer be public. BTW, no one here at Shoalanda works in the public sector or is in the judicial system.

  2. What you couldn't drum up any of crap news stories so you just used Logan bashing to fall back on. Wow report something news worthy instead of your personal feelings on someone you obviously dislike. We get it that you don't like Logan. Move on