Monday, December 23, 2013

Who Will Be Next "Director of Cultural Tourism?"

Now that Libby Stoddard Watts Jordan has officially taken the new position of curator for the Rosenbaum home, who will replace her as the Director of Cultural Tourism with the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board? Mrs. Jordan is the first to hold that position, having served the past three years and four months.

Since Mrs. Jordan has stated her new position as curator for the Rosenbaum home will result in a pay cut, we may infer the cultural tourism position pays more than $37,500.00 a year. Perhaps Martha Murphy would be interested in this position; she would be more than qualified.

We'll update our readers on the new Director of Cultural Tourism as soon as we have a name.


Is Champy's Fried Chicken a local landmark? Hmmmm. A friend looking for the restored Sheffield neon sign stated that was all he had to go on from reading the article in the TotallyDecatur...


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