Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Santa: Some Peace on Earth?

Dear Santa:

We here at Shoalanda Speaks would really like some peace on earth this Christmas. How about it?

BTW, we've all been very, very good this year. SS

Dear Shoalanda:

You'll be happy to know I have all the elves working on it, but first we're trying to get things going at the local level. We've been working on the Cherokee Town Council for several years now, but it may be a lost cause. Ditto for Leighton, and we don't have much higher hopes for Rogersville.

We're also working on Muscle Shoals, but between the mayor's battles with Billy Underwood and the E-911 Board, we may not be able to bring any peace there either. And Lawrence County? Sheesh, don't even mention them. Russellville is a mite better this year, except for its police department. You wouldn't believe what the elves tell me about that place. 

We've done pretty good with Sheffield, at least for the time being. We'll see how things go there when election time rolls around. Florence? Meh. Even the senior citizens are restless. UNA? Don't ask. Then there's hospital wars, hospice wars, and ambulance wars.

How about this: instead of peace on earth, I just send everyone a new Bentley for Christmas. It'll be much easier for me to arrange.

Best Regards,



There you have it from the chief elf himself...


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