Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Top Stories of 2013?

Porno Mom Patricia Ayers
Two days ago we published a list of our top ten blogs according to readers (using StatCounter statistics). Do we agree? Not quite.

Our top story according to readers was the heir to the Burnscraft fortune (or what's left of it) driving drunk, crashing, and ending the life of both his girlfriend and a local Tennessee landmark. We rate this as only number three, since all victims (with the exception of the store building) were willing participants in the activity.

Our personal number two is the Vina teacher sex scandal. It's not surprising that there are men out there who take advantage of young girls...or that there are young girls so lacking in morals that marriage means nothing to them. What is surprising is that these two male teacher/coaches were not able to control themselves despite 1) Knowing it was wrong at all levels, 2) Knowing they could lose their jobs, 3) Knowing they could lose their families, 4) Knowing they could be labeled as sex offenders for life. We don't consider teachers to be more moral than anyone else. We do consider most of them smarter than the two Vina coaches.

Our personal number one story is the sad tale of a local couple who used the woman's own young daughter to produce pornography. How sick do you have to be? This couple walked among us. If both this mother and step-father could be sentenced to Life Without the world would be a better place.


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