Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who Pays for Keller's Hired Guns?

Last February, Helen Keller Hospital presented their expert witnesses who stated RegionalCare's new hospital in Lauderdale County, at least if built as currently planned, would negatively impact HKH. One such witness was Gadsden's Gary Griffin of Gary Griffin and Associates. Griffin is a self-termed general business consultant.

We're sure it's hard to specialize in some fields, but we're also sure there are some companies who do specialize in offering business advice to the health care field. Perhaps these companies are situated outside the state of Alabama? Perceptions? Perhaps they charge too much? Possibility. Who's paying for this hired gun?

How long did it take to come up with an "expert" who would predict doom and gloom for Keller if RegionalCare builds the new hospital? What would Griffin have said if hired by RegionalCare? Do we have to protect Keller at all costs? How about faith healer Madam Zora who also needs to make a living?

Hospitals are not like fast cash payday loan establishments. There will never be one on every corner of a U.S. Highway in any incorporated town. Sadly, today hospitals do bear a striking resemblance to big business, but we haven't seen that many restrictions placed on Microsoft recently.

Tomorrow will be interesting...


While re-reading the testimony of Gary Griffin, we notice he also commented on new ECM cardiovascular surgeon Constantine Athanasuleas. Griffin stated the new surgeon looked to be 67, a little long in the tooth to use as a building block for a surgical program.

Dr. Athanasuleas is only 62. Wanna bet Gary Griffin doesn't make friends easily?


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  1. Great article Shoalanda!! Keller needs to learn that they are not the "big dog" any longer. They just need to step back and play fair. Just like they tried to do with Shoals Ambulance, they always want to be the only kid on the block. They are still trying to discredit Shoals daily. Sad :(