Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clint Anderson Dies of Drug Overdose

Clint Matthew Anderson, 26, whose main claim to fame was being one of Ashley Greenhill's cast offs, has passed away from a drug overdose according to sources close to the family. Anderson and Greenhill were infamously convicted of child torture in the biting and scratching attack on Greenhill's child in 2008 (pictured top left). Anderson then lost his probation in a theft case after his arrest. His most recent scrape with the law was just last March when he was arrested for Criminal Mischief (pictured right).

Judging from various news reports, it appears Clint wasn't raised to waste his life, but he did so anyway. Prison stretches and drug rehab didn't deter his fall. How sad that no one, no matter how much they loved him, could stop him. Is the answer more money? More supervision? More tough love? We welcome opinions.


Ashley remains in the Colbert County Jail awaiting transfer to the state prison system for her role in the death of Amanda Taylor. After Ashley and her three cohorts are processed, we'll  publish details on how to contact the parole board to protest any early release for Greenhill and Ron Wikkid Weems.


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