Friday, May 24, 2013

Fireworks on Tuesday

We may celebrate Memorial Day on Monday, but Lauderdale and Colbert Counties will have their fireworks on Tuesday, assuming no delays. May 28th is the expected date of a decision concerning the Certificate of Need for RegionalCare's new hospital and oncology center.

Keller has stated it's not opposed to a new hospital as long as it doesn't look new, shiny, or have any modern amenities. The next logical step would be to demand the new hospital be constructed next to a mega skunk breeding facility.

No, folks, Keller in its finite wisdom isn't opposed to the new hospital, only its lawyers are. Just like Liberace wasn't gay, but his boyfriend was.


Why we love the Internet: It lets us know how people really feel. For years, our local, or semi-local, newspaper has promoted harmony between Lauderdale and Colbert Counties. Sure it would occasionally publish a brief article on small towns reminding citizens to shop locally, but the primary mantra was one of solidarity. Most of us believed it.

Now we have social media and other Internet outlets that allow the everyday Joe and Jane finally to get in a word. Now county commissions are at odds with each other, and citizens from each county are threatening boycotts of businesses from "across the river."

So much for solidarity...


Our sympathies to the Holland and McGee families:



  1. Only WAFF and Pen N Sword have covered Mike's disappearance/death. I know this family and am sad the media here haven't done more.

    1. WAFF offers a much broader view of the news than other H'ville stations. PNS does a lot of coverage of local missing persons, as well as most wanted and announcements from the five county area. You really can't expect the TD to cover much that happens outside Decatur.