Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gullible?/The Burmese Are Here!

Mike Goens of the TimesDaily, aka TotallyDecatur, had a very interesting column earlier this week on gullibility. We agree 100%. Excellent example of this is their recent article on the divining of graves, with absolutely no mention of what makes this phenomenon "work." Think back to Halloween of 2011, when the TD ran an article on the Weeden Home wherein good ol' Capt. Magic stated a person named Silverman owned the home in the early 1900s. The TD just might want to publish a little rebuttal or other viewpoints on some of these "harmless" filler articles.


While we're on the subject of incorrect information today, do we ever publish something that's incorrect? We're sure we do and strive to correct it. The most negative feedback we ever received was concerning our blog on Ron Wikkid Weems proposing from jail.

While Ron's intended said a resounding no, that didn't stop Ron from announcing to his jailers that he would soon wed. We believe it takes two to make an actual engagement, but we predict the Wikkid one will soon be romancing from a maximum security cell. There are many online sites that cater to prisoners who wish to proclaim their innocence and find mates at the same time. They also find gullible (there's that word again) women who put money on their books.


At least one reader was curious as to the nationality of Johnson Myit, under arrest in Franklin County for soliciting an 11 year-old girl for prostitution. Myit is from Burma, sometimes called Myanmar, or at least that is the origin of his name.

Pilgrim's Pride has a diverse staff, no?


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