Friday, May 10, 2013

Concert for What? Where Will AMHOF Move?

"Fernando never showed."

The above is a line sung by Russell Smith of Amazing Rhythm Aces fame. Unfortunately paying customers for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame may take their cue from Fernando.

The Aces are scheduled to open a series of concerts to raise money for the HOF. We believe, as well as hope, that the concerts will be successful; however, we're not as sure where the HOF will eventually locate, so paying concert-goers should be aware that they may very well be supporting moving the HOF from this area.

Might it remain at its current location? We offer this quote from Wiley Barnard, executive director of the HOF:

“We can’t afford this place. It’s just falling apart.”

Might it remain in the Shoals area? One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Also from the TimesDaily:

Thumbs up to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame board for listening to proposals from Huntsville and Birmingham about possibly moving the attraction from Tuscumbia. Board members through the years have created the mess at the hall of fame by poorly managing resources and not providing long-term strategy to keep the facility vibrant. They should do everything possible to keep the hall of fame in the Shoals, but it would be irresponsible to ignore other options. The goal has to be what's best for the heritage of Alabama music.

We have to ask what resources have been misused. Donations? Exhibits? Display space? Manpower? Perhaps all of them?


A final word: The TD states the goal has to be what's best for our musical heritage. There is a school of thought that incorporates the premise of making an entity the best by utilizing a person's/area's unique qualities. It's a long road. More people/areas should take it.



  1. The AMHOF isn't working here and moving it to a larger city may be a hit. It is a shame that all of that history and talent can't be showcased here. But on the bright side, Rodney Hall has visions of possibly making this, which we are known for, Muscle Shoals Music. Personally I think MS Music would trump the AMHOF. I don't know if they have plans for the building or not. The area in which the hall is located isn't a good one. Florence would be a better location for the Muscle Shoals Music Hall of Fame. If that is to be the name of it.

  2. Florence? What record companies were in Florence?

    1. We're pretty vague on that one, but Fame started out on East Tennessee Street over a drug store in Florence. A personal opinion is that the museum should have ideally been on Woodward Avenue, but anywhere in the Shoals is good. Probably a moot point moot now...

    2. Florence, in hindsight, would have been a better choice than the Field of Dreams idea that took place when choosing the location it is now. Location along with funding doomed the AMHOF but with the right location the Muscle Shoals Music Hall of Fame can succeed. The AMHOF should have had a more central location in the state to begin with. This area is known for the sound that came out of Muscle Shoals and a better fit for here would be to highlight that music.

  3. Speaking of something we're vague on... Why was the HOF built in, basically, a cow pasture? Wouldn't a location closer to Ivy Green in Tuscumbia or the northern part of the industrial park have been a better location? Yes, we're Sunday morning quarterbacks 25 years too late.

  4. It is my understanding that one reason they chose the current location, was because of it being one of the gateways into the Shoals.
    Like other's who has posted ,there is better locations.

  5. Hello, the Hall of Fame was located in Tuscumbia because TVA wouldn't work with them on the swampland across Woodward avenue from Outback. Apparently they had plans for the land.. :-) Some folks in Tuscumbia donated 20 acres to build the hall at it's current location after several years of the original board looking for a proper location.

    Also, several cities have approached the board about moving it to there city. The board hasn't solicited these, but would be remiss to ignore them. Therefore the board is preparing guidelines for what it would be looking for with any move, if that was to happen. The Shoals will also be receiving the proposal guidelines along with those that have contacted the board. Which include Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Decatur and Tuscaloosa.

    The concert series is a proposed way to raise the funds to cover general expenses that the HOF incur even when closed. Utilities, website, insurance, etc... the series is a low cost way to generate a little money to cover these costs. BTW when the HOF is open, utilities run $60,000 per year. So at $10 a head admission (avg is $6 with students/seniors) you can see it takes a minimum 6,000 people to cover just utilities.