Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sentence Killer Hershel Dale Graham to 20 Years

The sentencing for Hershel Dale Graham, convicted of Manslaughter in the shooting death of David Martin Andrasik, has been rescheduled for June 26th. Sources familiar with the case tell us that the trio of attorneys representing Graham will be requesting house arrest for their client--no matter the length of the sentence.

We've never heard of such a request extending beyond an appeal period, and that on sentences of 15 years or less. We're quite sure the Aged & Infirm facility at Hamilton will have adequate accommodations for this killer.

Graham has had many previous brushes with the law. As a juvenile, he shot his stepfather Ralph Eugene Palmer. Palmer survived and lived until 2003. It's not surprising to note that Hershel's brother was listed as a survivor, but there was no mention of the rotund retired Red Bay wrestler.

Graham also has domestic violence arrests in Mississippi where he married his second wife. Yes, Hershel Graham who paints himself as a grieving widower married what some have called a "rich widow." We doubt that Graham received much of value from his investment in the matrimonial lottery, and we certainly know his wife didn't--she filed for divorce after a relatively short period.

Are the other tales of Graham's misconduct true? Anecdotes are just that and are often hard to prove. Unless there's a legal or some other record, it's one person's word against the word of his/her adversary. For that reason, we'll leave them in the comment section.

We are asking that you sign the Change.org petition requesting Franklin County Judge Terry Dempsey sentence Hershel Dale Graham to the maximum allowed by law--20 years. Anything 15 years or under (the minimum would be 10 years) would result in CIT (good time). We fervently believe that Graham should not be released early unless considered and approved by a parole board.

Peace to the Andrasik family...



  1. Can you PLEASE provide Judge Dempsey's e-mail address. Would like to get an e-mail sent to him this evening, if possible. Thank you!