Monday, May 13, 2013

Who Steals a Dog Cemetery Marker?

Most Shoals residents know of the Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard near Cherokee. This local landmark has been featured in print, television, and movies. The famous burial ground was just recently the home of a 75th anniversary celebration attended by those who came from far and wide.

The cemetery also just recently acquired a marker, pictured above. Now the marker is missing. Many in the Shoals worked hard to bring this stone monument to the final resting place for prized coon dogs; it was supposed to last decades, not just a few months.

The stone weighed hundreds of pounds, so the theft wasn't some spur of the moment prank, or was it? Here's the request from Remember Tuscumbia:

Here's a better close up of the Coondog Cemetery marker stolen within the last two weeks. It weighs several hundred pounds. If anyone has any information as to where this monument might be, please contact Janice Williams at 256-412-5970. No Questions Asked! We are hoping this is a senior prank and it will reappear back at the cemetery.

Let's hope the marker is returned safe and sound to its intended location.


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  1. My only claim to fame in this, is taking the stones picture as a volunteer photography at the 75th celebration and helping to decorate. Janice Williams and the Board members of Coondog Cemetery are the ones who get all the credit for the job they've done at the cemetery. Mary