Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Please Help Save Pandora

The mature woman walked around her house, uttering quiet phrases, and seemingly pleased with herself. Why? According to neighbors, Laquania Welch Weems, mother of Ron the Wikkid One, was casting a spell to protect her granddaughter Pandora.

Perhaps a little more vigilance and a lot less voodoo hoodoo is needed in this situation. Mrs. Weems, who has already raised a layabout philandering murderer, is now attempting to raise his daughter while the child's parents are in prison. So far, it's not going very well, if Muscle Shoals Police reports and various friends are to be believed.

Pandora has already been sexually molested by a "friend" of Laquania. Yes, we know his name, but we have been unable to determine what, if any, charges this man faces. Yes, we're using Pandora's name since it's common knowledge in the area. We're hoping DHR will take the child and place her in a new family where she'll receive a new name. So far they haven't.

This from a regular reader: I have called DHR three times about Pandora. Is there anyone (in) the Shoals area that has connections with DHR that can persuade them to remove this child? She has already been molested in her Grandmother's care.

We also have contacted DHR via e-mail. So far the child remains at Weems' Muscle Shoals home. If any readers have any contacts with Colbert County DHR, please use them to see that this child is placed in a safe environment, preferably a permanent and stable home with parents who genuinely care about her and not some check she provides.


We've had some requests to comment on this blog, but were waiting to see where it was going. Apparently it's died down and isn't going anywhere any more. So far it's been pretty nice to almost everyone it's discussed (several of whom we've never heard of), so we'll comment.

"It's amusing." Yes, that's our comment.



  1. I live a sheltered life. I didn't know I've been mentioned as a possible candidate for SS.

    1. It would seem the rogue blogs have mentioned half of Florence and 25% of the outlying areas.

  2. Me either...and my marriage is very good!