Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here Come Da Judge...

...and he said a smaller hospital in Lauderdale County and no cancer center. This is only the administrative law judge's recommendation. Will the Certificate of Need Review Board agree? We'll find out in three weeks.


Why Is This Man So Happy?


Just what of the new cancer center? It was opposed by Alliance Oncology which currently operates two facilities in the Shoals. Are they hurting for business? This is from their website:

AO is the leading provider of radiosurgery nationwide operating more than 30 radiation therapy centers, over half of which are dedicated radiosurgery facilities. Our joint-venture model represents the industry’s future. We are distinguished by our hospital-based partnership strategy running the gamut from small community-based hospitals to large academic hospital partners.

Sounds like they're quite successful...especially at controlling the competition.


We occasionally see articles like this. We've never been sure of their origins, but we surmise an original article was translated into the Crazierthanstan language and then back into English. It makes for humorous reading nonetheless:


We like the new Sparky's sign on their redesigned eatery. This should clear up the spelling. Good luck, and God save us all from bad drivers.


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