Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mutilation Trio All Get 120 Months

Laurel Pruett, Matthew Fox, and Ashley Greenhill all received identical 10 year sentences this morning. Pruett and Fox have no record, while Greenhill has quite a felonious past. One of her crimes involved violence perpetrated on a child, her own child. Her other crimes were considered property offenses; however, we were hoping the stripper with an axe would be sentenced as a habitual offender.

So how soon should we expect their release?

Assuming good behavior, and considering time served, the trio should EOS by April 2015. It might be too much of a stretch for Greenhill to keep her nose clean once incarcerated, but barring any extraordinary behavior on the part of Pruett and Fox, 40 months should see the end of their prison time.

How about parole? The trio should be eligible now for parole, again considering time served. First the board will have to schedule the hearings, and that may take some time. That brings in the possibility of an attorney interceding.

We doubt Pruett or Greenhill will have that luxury, but Fox certainly may. It also means he's likely to make parole. Pruett's case might be a toss up, and the odds would certainly be against Greenhill making any program designed to remove her from the hardcore prison population.


We understand Laurel Pruett's child with Ron Wikkid Weems is still in the custody of Weems' mother. No child deserves to be used as a meal ticket or to be the victim of sexual abuse. Here's hoping DHR steps in soon.


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  1. I have called DHR three times about Pandora. Is there anyone the the Shoals area that has connections with DHR that can persuade them to remove this child? She has already been molested in her Grandmother's care.