Saturday, May 4, 2013

UNA Accuser Says She Was Drugged

A report in today's TimesDaily states the purported victim of at least three rapists was drugged. This is the first public reference to date rape drugs of which we're aware. Assistant DA William Powell has stated the case will probably be presented to the next grand jury--assuming toxicology reports are available by then.

The account in today's TD differs dramatically from one given by UNA's Bob Pastula after the March event: UNA March Rape. In the mean time, Deandre Harrison and Eddrick Harris have been reinstated at UNA.


A source with the City of Florence contacted us to relate that Shoals Ambulance Service has already moved into the former Lauderdale EMS location on East Dr. Hicks Boulevard. The source was not sure if Lauderdale EMS would provide any non-emergency services to or have a physical office in Florence. A Lauderdale office would seem cost prohibitive, considering over 95% of all Keller calls should be in Colbert County.


According to our source at the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office, a deputy's patrol car parked in front of his home was one of the vehicles damaged by two underage youths who have been arrested on over 35 separate felony charges. The two young men have been released to their parents. Perhaps the juvenile detention center is full, but allowing these young hooligans to remain free does not fit the crime...unless the parents have already begun to pay for the multitude of damages caused by these "two yutes."

And, yes, anyone residing in Lauderdale County is paying for the deputy's window. We're officially victims. Let's hope the judge presiding over the case remembers that....


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