Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Era in Florence-Lauderdale/VOCAL Award

Yesterday ushered in a new era of ambulance service in the Florence-Lauderdale area. Shoals Ambulance Service now holds the city-county contract, replacing Lauderdale EMS, a division of Keller EMS. Will Keller continue to operate from its Florence base on Dr. Hicks Boulevard? We'll have updates when available.


Several sources have reported that Logan's Road House has backed out of plans to open a restaurant on Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals. We understand Krystal has selected a currently occupied parcel on which to build its new store. We'll have an update on this as soon as we can confirm the location, but if reports are correct, it will be very close to its former site.


Some updated info on Brandon Shane Munday from the Moulton Advertiser: Mundy and the town of North Courtland also face a civil lawsuit, filed by Stephen Heninger of the Birmingham firm Heninger Garrison Davis and Jeff Bowling of the Russellville firm Bedford, Rogers and Bowling. The suit was filed in circuit court on behalf of Adam Cox, a family member of the victims.


From D.K.:

Rebecca Condrey of Florence got The State VOCAL "Victims of Crime and Leniency" Volunteer of the Year Award at the State Vigil Friday night in Montgomery. VOCAL has seven chapters throughout the state. All members are volunteers, except for the Director Janette Grantham and Counselor Eddie Sammons. Any and all help to victims is of no charge from VOCAL.

The Shoals Chapter members are proud of Rebecca Condrey for her hard work and dedication for supporting Victims of Crime in Northwest Alabama. Charles and Rebecca, after the loss of their son Troy Condrey in year 2000, have turned to giving back the love and understanding to new Victims of Crime that they received from VOCAL in their darkest days, by supporting the families through the hardest times of their lives throughout the Justice System and afterwards.

Rebecca and Charles have very good family and church support that (along with VOCAL) have been there for them. Congrats to you Rebecca from all the Shoals area and the Shoals Chapter! 


We'll add the congratulations of the rest of us here at Shoalanda. Rebecca is extremely deserving of this award, and we appreciate her efforts on behalf of local victims and their families.


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