Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What the Florence Budget Says

Mickey Haddock
The City of Florence has revealed its new capital projects budget. Included are three items of interest. First, the appropriation for helping fund the new science building at UNA has been met with mixed feelings. Three million dollars is a lot of money, but will it ultimately help the city?

We're going to say yes; however, we would like to hear more about the engineering programs that the university is proposing. We also hope that UNA will now concentrate on its academic commitment to the area and place any move to Division I athletics on the back burner.

Second, we question the $100,000.00 donation to the Salvation Army for a new homeless center. Florence has given to this church before; it continues to set a bad precedent. Perhaps the Church of Satan would like to build its own homeless shelter?

Third, and most importantly, we're concerned about the $650,000.00 set aside for the proposed College Street Plaza, Mayor Mickey Haddock's pet project. The council has not yet voted on the project, nor has the city requested any input. Do we favor the project?

Yes, we do; however, we don't favor pushing anything down the citizens' throats. Nor do we favor hiring an architectural firm for a project of this magnitude without taking bids. It will be most interesting to see how this plays out.


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