Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shocker from Lauderdale County Commission

Yesterday many Lauderdale County residents went into apoplexy when confronted with the news. Yes, the Lauderdale County Commission had contracted with an architect to renovate the outside of the county courthouse and it wasn't Fitz Hill of Hill and Jangaard. There were also scattered reports of imps skating.


In other news, the TimesDaily has done an in depth article on a local shooting. Besides the trajectory of the bullet, we know the victim was standing on a rug when shot. Local color at its best. The victim was also a nest-door neighbor. We're assuming this was a jab at all those apartment complexes built by overly ambitious Purple Martin home designers. We also assume a county contract is in their future if their barber's aunt's housekeeper knows the right people.

Perhaps the best start to "gun control" would be an IQ test for anyone seeking to purchase a weapon. Said purchaser would also have to stipulate he wouldn't shoot any stray neighbors.


Definition of an Alabama county commission: Where you get your chuckles when the state legislature isn't in session.


Since former prexy Richard Nixon has been in the news lately, we've decided to honor him in a special way. Look for a new word on the tips of Lauderdale County residents' tongues--Kellergate. Coming soon to a blog near you.


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