Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shoals Traffic Cams & More

If you haven't visited the Quad-Cities Daily recently, you're missing out on more than just local arrests. The QCD has added Shoals traffic cams to their menu. While the broadcast images are stills, they update quickly and provide readers with an idea of what road conditions are like at any given time. The feed currently airs sites in Florence, Sheffield, and Muscle Shoals.


Pen-N-Sword has also been updating its Missing in North Alabama section as well as Shoals Most Wanted. Trader tells us the site will be adding two to three of the most wanted each week and will ultimately have a complete list and back story on all those missing from Alabama counties north of Birmingham.


We notice one of the most wanted is Gerald Winston Surratt Jr. Surratt was once arrested in Sheffield for sexual assault, but a grand jury failed to indict. At that time, a source in the Florence Police Department told us Surratt was the subject of an investigation into various robberies, most using a pass key. At that time, Surratt was a maintenance man at a local apartment complex.

After the grand jury failed to indict Surratt in Colbert County, we received a scathing e-mail from him informing us that he had been cleared of all charges and to remove our blog concerning his case. It was only a few weeks later that formal charges were brought against the Florence resident, and he's now on the run.


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