Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tiresome Problems for Tuscumbia

Tuscumbia has had its share of critics recently, as all cities do. Here's an interesting take on a 21st Century problem:

Hook Street Warehouses 

The approximately 250,000 tires stored by Mr. Hines at the warehouses on Hook Street, which are currently being demolished by the City of Tuscumbia with local tax dollars and federal funds, are tires that were illegally stored by Mr. Hines. Mr. Hines, the Owner of Hines Tires on 6th street in Tuscumbia, had customers pay a disposal fee for their old tires to Mr. Hines when they bought new tires. ADEM regulations require that tires are properly disposed of and the fee is issued to cover the costs of proper disposal. Mr. Hines pocketed the disposal fee and stored the tires secretly on his property. 

Over the years the tires have accumulated at multiple illegal storage sites in Colbert County. The City of Tuscumbia has elected to utilize tax payer’s dollars to clean up Mr. Hines' tires instead of imposing the ADEM regulations on Mr. Hines to clean up his own property. Why should the citizens of Tuscumbia pay to clean up Mr. Hines’ tires? The City of Tuscumbia, State of Alabama and the Environmental Protection Agency all have rules and regulations to govern proper tire disposal. 

Why are these regulations not being imposed on Mr. Hines? Which one of the Super 6 is friends with Mr. Hines? Furthermore, once the property is cleaned up by the City, Mr. Hines will have full use and ownership of the property. Why should your tax dollars be used to help Mr. Hines? Do you need the city to clean up your property for free? Just call them and ask and see what they say!


We realize that lawsuits cost money; however, anyone who lives within the city limits of Tuscumbia and who has used Hines Tire Company (paying them to dispose of used tires) could join forces and file a suit.

Several years ago while traveling, we had an almost new tire go bad. It obviously had to be replaced then, and the only dealer in this small town charged an outrageous price for a new one (we strongly suspect he'd spotted our out of state tag). And the cost to dispose of the ruined new tire? $10.00. We told him to place in the trunk of the car...where it stayed for months before we could find a place to dispose of it legally. Sometimes it's the principle of the thing, and we say Hines Tire Company should reimburse the citizens of Tuscumbia. 


Who is the masked man? Tune in tomorrow...

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