Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Status of Complaints Against Josh Jordan

Editor's note: We do not enumerate any past charges against anyone unless that person has been accused of new crimes or public actions that impact society. In other words, the two legal proceedings in Joshua Jeffrey Jordan's past would never have appeared here except for the new complaints against him.

Josh Jordan is a Muscle Shoals firefighter who's been accused of sexual harassment. We're going to be looking at several problems presented by Jordan that have affected public welfare.

1. Jordan claims on social media that he is an adjunct instructor at Northwest Shoals Community College. He is NOT listed as an adjunct on the school's online directory. From what we can gather, Jordan simply teaches CPR to pre-nursing students and perhaps others in need of the course. Certification lasts from one to two years depending upon the entity issuing the certification, so Jordan teaches very infrequently at best. He is best termed a guest lecturer.

By claiming academic credentials and laurels he doesn't possess, Jordan demeans those who have honestly achieved them. This is not becoming in one who, at least in the eyes of some, represents the City of Muscle Shoals.

2. Jordan has been married and divorced three times. Is this relevant. Yes...

* Marriage Number One ended over accusations we're attempting to document. 

* Marriage Number Two ended in 2013. In 2014, Jordan was charged in Lawrence County, Tennessee, with Felony Assault against his estranged wife and her 16 year old son. The son's injuries were so severe that he required medical treatment. He was also accused of assaulting the pair with his vehicle. Jordan pleaded guilty to the felony and was placed in a diversionary program. After one year of supervised probation, Jordan's conviction was expunged from his record; however, the Muscle Shoals Fire Department removed him from its tactical program at that time.

* Marriage Number Three also ended in divorce. We have no word or documentation on any reasons for its dissolution.

3. Three days ago, Jordan taught a CPR class to 21 women and 2 men. He repeatedly asked the class if they thought he was sexy. His feeble attempts at ego stroking went on for the entire class. Remember, it's the instructor who grades the tests at the end of the class. Would you have objected very strenuously, especially if you were very young and unsure of your rights?

We've taken a few classes in our day and have the pieces of paper to prove it. We've never had any instructor, male or female, ask if we (the class) thought he/she was sexy. In fact, we've never had any instructor ask our opinion of his haircut, necktie, sexual orientation, or choice of sides for lunch. In short, this was extremely abnormal behavior for any instructor/professor.

To the young ladies (and gentlemen) who were in the class: If you weren't offended by this man's remarks, you should have been. It was totally unprofessional conduct. It also smacks of either some kind of substance abuse or mental illness. We can guarantee you that this kind of behavior is against the policy at NWSCC and will not be tolerated. The question isn't "Did anyone like it?" but "Did it really happen?" If it happened, and we believe that it did, this man should not be brought back to the college ever again in any academic capacity.

The Muscle Shoals fire chief has reportedly said that what Jordan does on his off time is not relevant to his employment with the city. That means that no charges can be filed with the city. Charges have been filed at NWSCC. We'll be publishing an update when any decisions or announcements are made public.

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