Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ed Henry Ran a Pill Mill?

For those who don't regularly follow us, please be assured that we don't, as in DO NOT, support abortion as a means of birth control. What we do support is sex education and better access to birth control in order to cut this country's abortion rate by at least 90%. We DO advocate for exposing men who prey on women and young teenage girls. 

Guess where Rep. Ed Henry of Hartselle stands on these two issues? Henry once called himself a murderer because he helped pay for a girlfriend's abortion. He regularly helps pass Alabama laws against abortion clinics that can't be enforced. If you wonder who's paying for defending these laws, look in the mirror.

Today, Henry was indicted in federal court on 14 counts of Medicare fraud, running a pill mill, etc. The Roy Moore supporter says he's innocent. BTW, we understand that Bill Clinton said the same thing today about being accused of sex crimes all those years ago. Know what the main three words in the spy game are? Deny, deny, deny! Apparently they also work pretty well elsewhere.

The moral? If you steal, cheat, and lie, you eventually get caught. In other words, you'll get yours. Not that we have anyone in mind, of course...

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