Friday, June 8, 2018

First Fridays? Time for a Second Look

Downtown Florence is home to First Fridays approximately eight months out of the year. It's come to be known as a family oriented and quality event. Yet several of our readers see problems with the institution.

It's designed to be something more than just a common sidewalk sale, but many vendors no longer participate. Complaints continue when the FPD utilizes horses. Now there are concerns about a lack of public restrooms and parking.

Certainly restaurants may wish to prohibit public parking; that's to be expected. How about restroom use? As we understand it, if other facilities are available, no store is required to offer use to non-customers. But what if the Subway sends individuals to Fred's, while Fred's simply sends them back to the Subway? We understand that is happening. We also understand that during the last event, a small child who had fallen and was bleeding was turned away from Fred's. Why isn't there a first aid station handy?

If you know of other problems, send us a report.


We understand that changes are coming to the Florence Animal Shelter. 'Bout time!

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