Tuesday, June 5, 2018

District 6 Senate Race: A Real Shocker

We're sure many were shocked at the results of the State Senate District 6 race in which incumbent Larry Stutts garnered 47% of the vote. Remember, this is the man who won the Scumbag of the Year Award two years ago. Is this what local (and near-local) voters really want?

We'll insert an apology to Steve Lolley for misspelling his surname in a recent blog. We'll be bringing you more information about Steve in the near future. 

And Eric Aycock? Mr. Aycock ran a good, clean race and was more than deserving of the win. Unfortunately, he apparently didn't have the name recognition, especially in the large area to the south where many of the more rural voters reside. Kudos, Eric. We hope you choose to run again.


The other major surprise was Alice Martin's third place showing in the race for attorney general. Steve Marshall is hardly a prize; however, when placed next to TK the AG, the current attorney general doesn't even have to polish up his ol' halo to look good.


Did you have trouble voting? As in you weren't on the list or they couldn't find you on the list? We see this at every election. Perhaps we should just be grateful that it isn't worse.

Can we look forward to online voting in the near future? Okay, that's enough laughter. Yet if we can pay bills and make purchases using special codes online, why not vote the same way? Would that make fraud too easy? We say no, but we aren't in charge of the protocols. Give it a mere 50 years or so...

Shoalanda, aka Peggy

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  1. He IS scum. And sooner or later he'll be caught with his hands in the wrong cash drawer or the wrong pockets or up the wrong skirts.