Saturday, June 30, 2018

Tax for a New Colbert Jail?

Soon Muscle Shoals will be voting on an additional 5 mill property tax. We've published some comments on this in the past, and we continue to see quite a bit of resistance to any more taxes for a school system that many think is not responsibly run.

Now it seems that Colbert County has been told it can levy a tax to build a new jail. Will this require a vote of the people or merely a vote of the county commissioners? 

We're sure a great many are watching this situation.


Meanwhile in Bear Creek: The controversy over town finances continues. Arguments have become more direct as town council members have pointed out shortfalls in BCDA bank deposits. Is it simply bad bookkeeping or something more? 


Don't forget the Colbert County Commission meeting on July 3rd. We're not sure how many points Mr. Ed Bowman will bring up, and we may not agree with all of them, but it will nevertheless be extremely interesting.

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