Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Florence Animal Shelter Has An Announcement

Now a word from our Canine-American blogger:

Yes, the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter has an announcement. On November 24th and 25th there will be a special Zappos/Northshore Animal League adoption event. In case you're wondering, that's November 2017, not 2018. That's how far behind the Florence shelter's website is:

We've seen some county sites that are extremely outdated, but not any Florence ones...until now. 


We're going to say this in the nicest possible way. No matter how dedicated any employee is, if they don't know how to do their job, it's not being done right. That's why the current situation at the animal shelter has gotten this far.

To the manager:

1. Lead by example; be Dwight Eisenhower and not Adolph Hitler. That means be firm, but always be kind.

2. Make out written job descriptions. That way no employee can say he/she didn't know what was to be done.

3. Assign jobs that people like to do. If Employee A likes to do Job Z and Employee B likes to do Job Y, make sure that's the assignment. Don't make them do jobs they dislike (if at all possible) simply because you think it builds character. What it builds is resentment.

4. Every day before you leave, be it thirty minutes or one hour, walk the perimeter of the site. Make sure everything is done that was assigned. If it wasn't, ask NICELY if there was a particular problem. Find out what the hold-ups are and work on fixing them.

5. Don't be afraid to discuss problems with your superior, but it Chief Tyler or Mayor Holt. Tell them what you need. They won't bite your head off; if they do, tell me and I'll biiiiiite them.

To the Employees:

1. If you have a problem, don't cover it up. Tell the manager so that he/she will be aware of it.

2. You had a virus yesterday, but worked anyway, albeit slowly. Kudos to you, but you got behind. Or maybe you got behind because 985 possums were confiscated and brought in. No matter the reason, there's a way to dig yourself out. You get two 15 minute breaks each day, don't you? Simply go to the restroom, take a drink of your Pepsi, and use the extra 10 minutes to catch up on work. That adds up to over 1.5 hours a week you have to get organized. Sure, you're working gratis, but once you get organized, you probably won't have to make that sacrifice again for quite a while.

To Volunteers:

You've seen the shelter's website? The link is above. We're challenging one of you to offer to run the site. The manager should be able to give you a password that gets you into just that site without giving you access to other city pages. 

We know many people who could turn that site into a thing of beauty, a site that made citizens proud and made them want to come adopt animals. There is NO excuse for a site that hasn't been updated in at least six months. Call the manager on Monday and volunteer to do this. Citizens should be fighting over the job.


We happily publish rebuttals...and FB comments. Just watch your language and have at it.


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