Monday, June 11, 2018

Return to Unsolved Murders

J. Redmon, one of our bloggers, has asked us about local unsolved murders. We could think of a few immediately, but there are probably many more. We're asking our readers to help.

Elbert Davis Jr.

First, a few weeks ago, we asked if the murder of Jermaine Willie Koger had ever been solved. We received no replies. Surely Mr. Koger has family and friends who can answer this question for our readers (and us). Let's look at some others:

Lauderdale County:

Andrea Forbes - Florence

Jose' D'Leon - Florence

Connie Ridgeway - Rogersville

Tommy Morris - Central Heights (may have been killed in Florence and body taken to this area)

Colbert County:

Elbert Davis Jr. - Tuscumbia

Gary Baskins - Muscle Shoals

Kayla Glover - Muscle Shoals

John Edward Johnson - Muscle Shoals

Franklin County:  

L. N. Flippo - Red Bay

Ruth Flippo - Red Bay

Elizabeth Farned - Russellville

If our readers can think of others, please forward their names to us. 

While there is never total closure in any murder, with an arrest the victim's family can find solace in a small amount of justice. Let's hope these murders are solved at some point.


  1. Ricky Terry, Lawrence Co., AL
    Annie Dee Wilkerson Moody, Lawrence County, AL