Sunday, June 10, 2018

Loss of Potts Building a Tragedy

First reports simply stated a fire in downtown Florence. Then we heard that it was a law office. Still later the word came that it was the Potts law office. As horrible as it was, the impact didn't reach us until later. Our first thoughts were that as large an inconvenience it was for Mr. Frank B. Potts, we were sure all losses were covered by insurance.

Then we heard the worst: The law office was filled with decades of memorabilia from the career of Mr. Frank V. Potts. 

Mr. Frank V. Potts

The elder Mr. Potts founded the Potts & Young firm in 1939...think about that. Eighty years is a long time for any institution. While it hasn't been touched on, we're sure that the younger Mr. Potts also lost much that he had contributed. How does one accept that and move forward?

As hard as it must be, we hope Frank, Robert, and the entire Potts family know that the combined prayers of many are with them. No one was physically hurt. Some material items were lost, but the good Mr. Frank V. Potts did for his community will live forever.

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