Friday, June 1, 2018

Jim Bonner & the GOP

The official Republican Party of Alabama has stated it will not certify any votes for Jim Bonner, candidate for the public service commission, due to comments he made on social media. As we all know, making fat or ethnic jokes is so much worse than attempting to seduce a 15 year old girl. So much worse than saying homosexuals should be locked up. it's not.

We've known Jim online for some time and enjoy most of his comments. We don't follow anyone closely enough to read every comment he or she may make and we're sure we've missed the majority of Jim's. We're also sure that we wouldn't personally condone the sentiment in many of Jim's comments. Should that disqualify him from running for office on the Republican ticket?

It would do all of us, candidate for office or not, to think before we post something. It would also serve us well to think long and hard about what we find funny. How many jokes have you heard that you wouldn't dream of repeating, but which made you secretly laugh? What does that say about you, or me, or anyone else? Think about it. 

Mr. Bonner has stated his lawyers are working on a legal answer to this ballot problem. We have no idea how soon it will be cleared up, if it will be cleared up, or if Jim will get the majority of votes. A lot of "ifs" between now and next Tuesday. We urge everyone to vote his/her conscience. There are worse candidates on the ticket than Jim Bonner, many of them local.



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