Sunday, June 3, 2018

Election in Two Days!

We've made the endorsements that we're going to make. We can't recall when so many offices were toss-ups as far as we're concerned. There's one Republican primary office that shouldn't be a toss-up - that's the Alabama Senate seat for District 6. Therefore, we're going to address it again.

First, we don't know Steve Lolly. We've heard only good about Steve, but he is an unknown quantity to most of us. He lives in the southern part of the district, and that means his interests are primarily there. If you vote for Mr. Lolly, don't complain about a lack of representation for the Shoals in Montgomery.

Then we have the incumbent, Dr. Larry Stutts. We read a recent interview in which ol' Doc Larry told us of his rapport with other members of the legislature. Really? and the Alabama Political Reporter indicate just the opposite. Most in Montgomery can't wait to see Doc Larry's back. After all, it takes a certain amount of brass/ignorance/malevolence to qualify for's scumbag of the year.

Then we have Eric Aycock. Is he perfect? Surely you don't believe we think that. What you should believe is that he's honest and caring. He'll listen to what you have to say. He won't be turning away constituents because of "bigger fish to fry."

You have two days to think on these things. Think long and hard. It shouldn't be a difficult choice. After all, not too many candidates make Roger Bedford look good, but ol' Doc Larry pulled it off...


  1. Thank you for endorsing a fine candidate. I pray that people turn out to vote in the Shoals area.