Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Owl's Eye?/How Dirty Is It?

Over the years, we've published some blogs on WOWL Television in Florence. The now basically defunct station advertised with an Owl logo (big surprise) and also took it a step further to promote safety. The owl had two eyes - one red and one green. The color of the eye that was lit during any 24 hour period indicated if there had been a local traffic fatality.

We've found few photos over the years that depict WOWL history, so we're reaching out to our readers. If anyone has a photo of the owl logo (in color) that distinctly shows the owl's eyes, please send it to us:

This photo will be used in a book, so be sure to include your name if you want credit. No, Shoalanda isn't the one writing the book, but when published, we will encourage you to purchase it.


Our latest Quad-Cities Cuisine is on Captain D's in Muscle Shoals. It seems that eatery doesn't have the best health score:

So would you eat there? Your reviews are always welcome for our restaurant blog!

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