Monday, August 15, 2011

TimesDaily Seeking New Reporter

In case you missed it in the TimesDaily classifieds, our local rag is seeking a new reporter to join their ever changing stable. Is someone else leaving or is the TD simply looking for someone to replace Cathy Wood or Michelle Eubanks? Let's look at the ad:

1. Excellent writing skills are required. - For the TD? Since when?

2. You need a reputation for quality and integrity. - Do the two go together? As for quality, see above.

One word of advice to Mike Goens--please try to find someone who can write an entire sentence without using the word "which."


Sheffield Billiards - Photo by M.C.

We're adding Sheffield Billiards to our list of Shoals eyesores. This vision has to make Sheffield mayor Ian Sanford wince every time he drives by.


Russellville Post Office c. 1949: Link