Sunday, August 7, 2011

Florence District Four: Who?

District Four In Lavender

Is there a perfect representative? For our state? For our various towns? Since total perfection is unobtainable, we have to seek the best for our purposes and that can be relative.

Currently Barry Morris, a former professor of Economics at the University of North Alabama, represents District Four in Florence. Because of his past and current ties to the college, he is unable to vote on any issue concerning UNA. It also makes his voting on anything concerning the Retirement System of Alabama (RSA) iffy.

This further makes him a liability when he cannot adequately represent his constituency. Morris has also from time to time taken a different path from his fellow council members, and that can be either good or bad. Here's a quick bio of Barry Morris:

Barry Morris retired as Professor and Chairman of the Economics and Finance Department at the University of North Alabama in the summer of 2008 and is currently serving as the University Foundation's Director of Planned Giving.

He was elected to represent District 4 in August 2008. He is Chairman of the Planning Committee and a member of the Finance Committee and the Utilities Committee.

He is active in Rotary International, having served as the President of the Florence Club, and Assistant Governor and Coordinator of Programs for District 6860.

Barry and his wife Suzanne have three sons, Scott, David, and Dean and are members of the First Christian Church of Florence.

Earlier in the week, the first of what we are sure will be many announced he's sounding out the community concerning running for the council in 2012. We'll have more on this possible candidate later.


How to handle the current boondoggle concerning outstanding warrants in Lauderdale County? Sheriff Ronnie Willis may not have the answer, but one of our faithful readers does. From Joseph Tully:

A simple solution is find room at the detention center, in an area where inmates are not allowed, and keep the warrants there. Its really the best place for them since a deputy always in the past had to stop by dispatch to pick the warrant up on the way to jail. A detention officer can confirm a warrant just as easy as a dispatcher can.